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Author Robert Farrell (retired Associate Professor Emeritus from Penn State University) combined his life-long interest in physics with nearly three decades of research to create this sci-fi series. In the Alien Log series, Dr. Farrell has skillfully blended science with fiction to produce an easy to read thriller.

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Alien Log, the first book in the series, is on one level a moving story about a pair of scientists hired to decode a mysterious artifact found in 1953 at a UFO crash site near Kingman, Arizona. On another level, it is an enlightening story, which posits the connection between current scientific knowledge and alien technology.
The Sci-Fi thriller takes the reader to the ancient Sumerian culture when humans suddenly displayed a quantum leap in mathematics and human development as if tutored by a higher form. Then the author jets the reader to the present, where higher beings watch over humankind to make sure they don't destroy the planet with their newfound discovery of nuclear power.
Alien Log will thrill and inform not only those interested in science fiction and ufology, but also those curious about the universe.

Alien Log II, The New World Order, the second book in the series begins where Alien Log left off. The main character, Corey, is accidently abducted. While captive, he and the alien, Quellin, discusses topics such as how that the Big Bang theory is wrong and how the structure of the universe allows for remote viewing, telepathy, and past life regression. Quellin explains the role hybrids will play in ushering in the new world order and what that will look like.
Eventually Corey is given a memory block and released to his friends who continue their quest to unlock the secrets available through the artifact they call, the alien log.

Alien Log III, The Dulce Affair, picks up where Alien Log II left off. Doctors, Wendy and Corey Newton, accept another assignment from General Pete Mitchell and are put in harm’s way. Pete is unaware that this is a duel mission for Wendy and Corey who are also working with Quellin, an alien. Quellin needs proof that another group of aliens, the Grays, are violating a prime directive of the Federation. Wendy and Corey must go into an underground base near Dulce, New Mexico. It is suspected that it is jointly operated by Gray aliens and the United States government. They must get evidence that the Grays are developing a super soldier for the elitists who run the shadow government. The proof is found in the form of an alien tablet emblazoned with Ugaritic cuneiform.
What is the connection between the “restless behavior” of alien specimens stored at Level 9 in the basement at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the project at Dulce? Who is the man held prisoner behind door four at the Dulce base?

Alien Log IV, The Antarctica Affair (220?? pages) begins with the discovery of a huge alien mothership peeking out from beneath 1,000 feet of glacier ice in East Antarctica. A close-up satellite image reveals a cuneiform inscription on the side of the craft. Once again, the team of Drs. Wendy and Corey Newton are enlisted by General Mitchell to investigate. During their investigation, they discover an alien life form still occupying the craft even after being buried for thousands of years. These two-foot-tall tridactyl-bipedal beings have been maintaining the craft for thousands of years waiting for the “Makers” to return from their exploration of Earth. Is there a connection between these beings and the mysterious “mummies” found recently near Nazca, Peru?


The Science Behind Alien Encounters Astronomers agree the universe has more stars in it then there are grains of sand on Earth.  Even though most astronomers might agree that there might be intelligent life out there, most would argue that the distances are too great for even a highly advanced life form to travel the light years that separate most stars. These astronomers base their reasoning on the chemical rockets and have not considered alternative propulsion methods such as gravitational field propulsion. Sixty years ago, humans ventured into space for the first time by using chemical rockets. What capabilities could intelligent beings have who are a few million (or even just a few thousand) years more advanced.
There is strong evidence that the Earth has been and is being visited by intelligent beings. For example, during World War II, both sides reported Foo Fighters (bright orbs of light) following their aircraft. Today they are the most common type of UFO reported. Recently released films from Navy gun cameras show flight capabilities of UFOs that are beyond our capabilities. Credible witnesses have reported UFOs doing amazing things such as 100g accelerations, right angle turns, cloaking, freezing shallow ponds, and supersonic flight without creating shock waves.
This is not magic! Using science that most people have in high school, this book will explain how all of this is done, and more. Topics covered in the book include the UFO Crash at Kingman, Arizona; A Brief History of Sightings; The Truth Embargo; The Search for ETs; The Sumerian Knowledge; The Deluge; The Great Pyramid of Giza; Contact with ETs; The Amazing Things UFOs Do; Time Travel and How ETs Travel Great Distances; The theory and practice of generating gravitational fields by manipulating electro-magnetic fields; Why UFOs Crash; and what the ETs Are Up To. Are the amazing bodies recently discovered near Nazca, Peru, alien bodies?