Reader Comments

“I don’t usually enjoy works of fiction dealing with UFOs, but Alien Log is very much the exception. Lots of solid info and an interesting story. I can’t wait for the next volume. Robert Farrell has done his homework.”

Stanton Friedman, Nuclear Physicist –Lecturer,

"Meticulously scientific, well researched novel of the case for Intelligent Life in the Universe, and particularly covering UFOs and “Aliens” and their probable origin and purpose in communicating, interacting and dealing with humankind. It is a delightful read for anyone interested at all in these compelling subjects. It also has an extensive bibliography, to help you extend your own research into these subjects. The fiction is very well handled and dialog between characters helps to enrich the novel with the science behind it."

Barbara Lindquist, Author, Publisher, Managing Editor, Morher Courage Press

“The story was very compelling, the characters well developed and the action kept you reading.”

Chris Augustin, Alien/UFO/Paranormal Investigator,

“Dr. Farrell, thank you for two great books, ALIEN LOG and ALIEN LOG II, THE NEW WORLD ORDER. I'm sure the 3rd will be just as enlightening and enjoyable. I have read both books twice and still open them now and then just to read a page or two. I liked everything about them - all the characters, the story line, and it's very true that you have done your homework. ‘Quellin’ did a good job explaining the human condition. I count you and your books among those who have influenced me to learn patience and unconditional love. Thanks for all the hard work and selflessness that you have put into your books - your sharing of yourself is one of life’s greatest gifts. Best of everything as you progress – can’t wait to read ALIEN LOG III. Keep it up!”

Carol and Ron Harvey, Readers from Loveland, Colorado

“I was both excited and entertained to read Alien Log II not only because it was a nice continuation of Alien Log I but because it was so rich in the highly credible interactions between intelligent people, hybrids and aliens at both the simple and intellectual level. Robert Farrell has selected a very genuine scenario of an initial crash to deal with finding answers to the major unknown we all hunger for: the real alien agendas. He deals credibly with the ever-present covert operations of governments, industry and the aliens themselves, even leaving room for the Illuminati being a major player in this world we live. Will they show up in Alien Log III? Great book. Buy it.”

Dr. Robert M. Wood, PhD — Physics

“The ALIEN LOG series is a compelling story because it is based on the best and latest evidence from UFO investigators which indicates an ET presence on our planet. It also deals with perplexing scientific questions such as: How are UFOs propelled? How do they execute high g-force turns without crushing the ETs inside? How do they become invisible to sight? Robert Farrell, an engineer and a truth-seeker, brings his expertise to bear on the data. The result is an engaging and insightful tale.”

John White, author of The Meeting of Science and Spirit, producer of “The UFO Experience” conference (1987-1998).

“A wonderful read! Loved it! Can’t wait for Alien Log III! Bob Farrell has done it again! Alien Log II, the New World Order has dared to explore the best evidence for an ET presence on this planet. He invites the readers to stretch their minds and consciousness to explore the phenomena in all its ramifications. He provides a jolly good read in the process! Bob is single handedly raising the consciousness of the human race. We are NOT alone…his book entices us to rise to the challenge and move into the future without fear! I loved his book…can’t wait for Alien Log III! I really appreciated his making credible the incredible and will share this book with my experiencers’ group.”

Dr. Ruth McKinley – Hover, BCCSW Ph.D. (Board Certified Diplomate - Psychotherapy)

“Robert Farrell’s story of Alien Log II—exhilarating uncertainty and exploration— is our story. The characters—the scientists and ET’s—are us today and in our emerging future. They, we, embody exoconsciousness through advanced psychic and scientific aptitude, telepathy, mind melds, unconditional love, sidereal translation, and oneness of cosmological consciousness. So as we take our next steps into peaceful galactic citizenship, Robert hands us a road map, posing the challenging questions and creating the best of all worlds’ possibilities. He points the path for human beings with advanced consciousness who are aware of their extraterrestrial origin. He has written a book you should read if you are on this path. I give Robert perhaps the highest compliment an author can receive--you reach the last page of Alien Log II, eager for his next book.”

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD; Author, Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind
Co-Director, Quantrek Peace Exoconsciousness Task Force

“Dr. Farrell’s Alien Log II is a new type of Science Fiction because 99% of events should happen in the next future...The author had an extraordinary intuition of the gravitational propulsion - the next propulsion principle of our civilization…Really, according to Einstein’s ‘Principle of Equivalence ’, an inertia field can’t be distinguished by a gravitational field. As a result, when the spacecraft is moved by the on-board radiated gravitational field, the crew/passengers feel no acceleration… On the other hand, writer Farrell is a master of dialog - Alien log II is a pleasant lecture and at the same time a very good scenario for a successful SF movie...”

Dr. Constantin Sandu, AIAA member, author of “Sonic-Electromagnetic-Gravitational-Spacecraft” (AIAA-2007 scientific paper), Bucharest, Romania

“Trying to understand a foreign civilization is a daunting task even when researchers have access to numerous documents and artifacts. Here are a few examples. We began to really understand the civilization of ancient Egypt only after the serendipitous discovery of the Rosetta stone. Even today, we do not understand many aspects of Mayan civilization. Not too surprising, if we remember that two centuries of arduous effort were required to decipher the Mayan writing.

To understand an alien civilization is even more daunting, especially when the few clues available are buried under a thick cloak of misrepresentations and secrecy. Yet, this is exactly what Dr. Robert Farrell dared to attempt. Based on the painstaking examination of each and every clue available, Robert strives to bring to light the history, political structure, hidden motivations, science and technology of alien civilizations born under distant stars and he succeeds better than most. In addition, he presents all the material in an attractive form. Such an undertaking is full of pitfalls but Dr. Farrell manages to avoid most of them.

Some would say that alien civilizations are a myth. These people should remember that at the beginning of the 16th century many Aztecs summarily dismissed stories about white people armed with firearms. They should also remember that people who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are doomed to repeat them.” 

Dr. Dan Brasoveanu, Ph. D. in Chemical Physics, Member of Natural Philosophy Alliance, author of “Modern Mythology and Science”

“Dr. Robert Farrell has done his research bringing to light a truth known by many humans involved in the ET phenomenon. In an unending universe the existence other life is being validated through scientific research. Abductees who are directly involved with many other life forms are already aware that they have entered our world eons ago. In Alien Log II, the New World Order, Doctor Farrell once again reveals his research of ET technology and human abductions through the dialog of his main characters, Wendy, Corey, Pete, Colonel Andrews and Quellin. As you read each chapter of Alien Log II your belief will grow that what/how the author writes brings you to the conclusion that perhaps the author should be writing his stories as nonfiction. Through his writings appears the truth of continuing situations within this phenomenon. From page one through the end of the story you will not be able to put the book down. I see the continuance into Alien Log III.”

Gloria Ann Hawker, Abductee, Hypnotherapist, and author of “Morning Glory” Diary of an Alien Abductee

“In ALIEN LOG II, as with his first book, ALIEN LOG, Dr. Robert Farrell has researched decades of documented news reports to summarize in novel form observations, sightings, and claimed face to face encounters with extraterrestrial beings. These documented reports are by people from all walks of life, including many with credible scientific backgrounds. Dr. Farrell uses some speculation about unknown phenomena yet he is a 'scientific thinker' and uses logic with only proven facts and verified phenomena. In writing ALIEN LOG II, Dr. Farrell has put together a 'narrative novel' which includes ongoing interviews with Quellin, the principle extraterrestrial alien character. Quellin has befriended himself into friendly discussions with earthlings whom he has taken into his confidence and with whom he reveals thought provoking phenomena and ideas. Obviously, to be interstellar travelers, the extraterrestrials have superior knowledge from a civilization that is far advanced beyond earthy humans. I believe this will become a popular book for readers with inquiring minds.” 

Bobby McGehee, Engineering Physicist and author of “MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE”. Member: American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA); American Association for Advancement of Science; American Association of Physics Teachers; Astronomical Society of the Pacific; and International Planetary Society